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Celplast needs to be typically dried before molding for best results. Insufficient drying or preheating may lead to following issues while processing.

  • High fume or gas formation.
  • Appearance of streaks in gate area.
  • Rough or uneven surface.
  • Bubble formation externally or internally.

Drying Temperature

The drying temperature should be ideally between 70deg C (160deg F) to 85degC (185degF). Drying at temperatures higher than this may be harmful to the plastic.

Drying Time

Drying time depends on the general atmospheric conditions and duration for which the plastic had been stored.

  • Drying time for about 1 Hr under conditions of low relative humidity and or plastic which has been stored for a period of under one month.
  • Drying time for about 2 Hrs under conditions of high relative humidity and or plastic which has been stored for a period of more than 3 months.


Ideally molds should be vented to avoid surface deformities due to gas trapped in the mold.

Mold Temperatures

Proper temperature differentials need to be maintained between the plastic object and the mold. This must be determined by trial on a case to case basis. If necessary, mold temperatures should be controlled by water circulating systems. If the mold is too hot the material will stick in the mold and if it is insufficiently heated then it will be difficult to fill the mold.