Our History

Our lineage is to a progressive group, founded by the Late Shri Bhagwas Das Purohit (1917-2013), father of Mr. Ashok Kumar Purohit who initiated his business venture as far back as 1947, as ‘Cotton Trader’ by name of ‘Purohit & Co.’ at Nagpur. In the year 1952, he established a Cotton Ginning Factory.

With his sons, joining him in the business the business was stimulated further after implementing downstream diversification. The Cottonseed Oil Extraction Plant was set-up sometime in the year 1962. In the year, 1972 Mr. Ashok Kumar Purohit, a Chemical Engineer was instrumental in the establishment of a Vegetable Oil Hydrogenation Plant to manufacture Vegetable Ghee at Nagpur. He assisted the group from Drawing Board to Fabrication, Commissioning & Running of the Plant. The entire Plant was engineered by him.

Thereafter there were multiple diversifications to include: Cement Plant, Textile Spinning, Polymer Compounding, Publication (English Daily) and so on.

This wide spectrum growth was possible due to foresight and mature guidance of founder. However assistance of a team of generation down also was a contributory factor. The group founder Late Shri Bhagwan Das Purohit, was in the later period of his life, more of a Philanthropist than a Businessman/Industrialist, having assisted in establishment of a chain of Educational Institutes and having generously donated to other institutions and organizations for social cause.

Cellulose Acetate Plastic is a unique plastic having versatile applications. The plastic is Environment Friendly and can be termed as Semi-Biodegradable whereas the life of petrochemical based polymer is said to be 500 to 1000 years, the life of Cellulose derivatives including Cellulose Acetate is 60-80 years. Looking at the trend and inclination of Society, turning to environment friendly products, Mr. Ashok Kumar Purohit conceived the project of manufacturing Cellulose Acetate Plastic Moulding Material.
In the year 1985 a unit to manufacture virgin/first quality Cellulose Acetate Plastic Moulding Granules, was established in the name of Chemvalve Industries Pvt. Ltd. at MIDC, Andheri, Mumbai.

After Mr. Kunal Purohit s/o. Mr. Ashok Kumar Purohit who also is a Chemical Engineer and MBA, joined the business, a need was felt to have one more Cellulose Acetate Plastic Moulding Granules Manufacturing unit to cater to the growing demand. The unit at Daman in the name of Cel Synthesis was established in theyear 2000. Both the plants together have a capacity to produce 50 Tons/month.

Our Vision

  • We aim to become the leading manufacturers of Cellulose Acetate plastic in the region and widen the application base for this plastic.
  • We also envisage setting up of Acetylation Plant for the manufacture of Secondary Cellulose Acetate Resin) from cellulose having a minimum capacity of 10 Tons/Day. We are toying with the idea for alternate utilization of Cellulose Acetate Resin other than Plastic.

Why Us

  • We have tremendous experience and expertise in the field of cellulose acetate plastic having been in this business for almost 3 decades.
  • We are a known and respected name for manufacturing Virgin Cellulose Acetate Plastic of the highest quality and consistency.
  • We can provide high level of customization in terms of grades and shades to match product requirement.
  • All this is possible due to our unflappable focus on in house R&D and quality control.

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